Washington Local Schools Secures $500,000 for Safe Routes to School Initiative

The Ohio Department of Transportation has awarded Washington Local Schools nearly $500,000 through the Safe Routes to School Program. This substantial funding will be used to construct sidewalks leading to Hiawatha Elementary, significantly enhancing pedestrian safety for students.

The Safe Routes to School Program aims to improve infrastructure and encourage more children to walk or bike to school safely. This grant will address critical safety concerns by providing dedicated pedestrian paths, reducing the risk of accidents involving students who currently must navigate alongside vehicle traffic.

Community leaders and school officials have expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact this project will have on student well-being and local infrastructure. Construction is expected to begin in the near future, with completion anticipated before the start of the next school year.

This investment in safe transportation routes aligns with broader efforts to promote active lifestyles and reduce traffic congestion around schools. As Washington Local Schools implements these improvements, it sets a strong example for prioritizing student safety and community development.

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